Your After-Engagement To-Do List

Great, you’re engaged! But now what? Don’t let the thought of planning a wedding intimidate you. People get married every single day.

If you break the steps down into smaller tasks it will not seem overwhelming to you. Well, at least not as much. Here is a quick guide of the things you should do after “Will you marry  me” and before “I do”.

Announce Your Engagement

Your friends and family have hopefully met your significant other already. They’ve seen your relationship blossom from a first date to a long term relationship. Now it’s time to let everyone know that you have decided to take your relationship to another level. First, let your immediately family and your closest friends know about your engagement. Then, to let others know, you can post an announcement on your Facebook page, text, email or call your other friends and relatives.

Set A Date

You might get so excited about your recent engagement that you quickly set a date for your wedding. But don’t get ahead of yourself here. There are plenty of things to plan so you need to give yourself enough time to make sure everything is right for your big day. When deciding on the right date for your wedding, think about what season you want to be married in first. This will help you decide around when your wedding will be.

Set A Location

You may want your dream wedding to take place in Hawaii or on the beach in an exotic island in a far away land. But if you are strapped for cash you may want to have a wedding closer to home. Your guests may not have the finances to afford such a trip either.

Discuss A Budget

We all want to have a big dream wedding, but not all of us can afford it. Discuss with your partner how much money you have to put toward the wedding. Set savings goals to meet during your engagement. Talk with your family to see if they may be willing to help offset the high costs of a wedding. Try and not borrow the money from relatives or put things on your credit card. You don’t want to start the rest of your lives together with a load of debt. A good place the start your savings would be on the wedding bands.

Create A Guest List

When you first get engaged, don’t immediately start inviting people to your wedding. Nobody is invited to your wedding until they receive an invitation. You want to make sure that both partners agree on who is invited and who is not. If the place you’re having your ceremony at is small you want to keep the guest list small. Keep in mind that every guest you invite means you have to order more food, more chairs and more tables. All this translates into more money.