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Backyard Wedding Themes

If you are thinking of getting married during the spring or summer, you cannot ignore the wedding themes that will get you outdoors and enjoying the beauty and delights presented by the sun. There are numerous themes that take advantage of these warms months to create a fun but romantic atmosphere for an outside wedding.

A few of these wedding themes are perfect for those of you who want beautiful weddings at affordable prices. Several of them are so simple you can even have the events in your own backyard. The setup for these casual weddings is as simple as decorating your yard or garden for a party.

Beach Party

Everybody loves a trip to the beach. With a little decorating, you can convert your backyard into either a casual beach wedding or an intimate, candlelit beach ceremony. The key essentials for these themes are a few bags of sand and a decent supply of pebbles and shells. You can add other decorations, according to your personal preference, to accentuate the aspects of your particular wedding backdrop.

If you want a fun and casual ceremony, adding a few surf boards and tropical island decorations is a great idea. Throw in some of the classic beach tunes made famous during the 1960’s and 1970’s, and you will have one of the carefree beach wedding themes. More formal beach weddings often take place in the evenings and include soft candlelight and beautiful floral arrangements made of serene flowers like roses, orchids, and lilies.

Country Picnic or BBQ

When city slickers grow tired of the city smog and the beach, they head for the comfort of the country to enjoy solitude and great food. Sometimes people simply want to get away and relax in a place where individuals still smile at strangers and where it is not considered inappropriate to lick your fingers. What is being described here is one of the most popular wedding themes of all, the country picnic or barbecue.

The odds are you already have a grill in your backyard. Borrow a couple of additional grills from friends and family members, and the food is all set for a festive, laid-back wedding. The bride can don a simple, casual dress, and the groom can wear a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt. Everyone else can come dressed for fun because expensive suits and dresses are taboo at picnics and barbecues.

If your wedding is more along the country theme, purchase a few bales of hay and spread them out over the yard. The bales can be used as both seats and tables, and picnic tables are great when it is time to chow down. Wild flowers make stunning floral arrangements in this natural environment.

When considering outdoor wedding themes, be prepared for the worst weather even when the meteorologist has predicted the sunniest of days. Either have a back-up location prepared or have those durable tents ready to go. No matter what the weather brings, remember it is your wedding day; therefore, it is going to be one of the best days of your life.

Exploring Summer Wedding Themes

Summer wedding themes are among the most popular of all the wedding themes. If you are thinking about having a beautiful summer wedding, then you are not alone. Every year, millions of brides decide to get married in June, July, or August.

Summer weddings are popular because this season is simply one of the most beautiful of the year. Typically, the sun is shining, and the colors of nature lend themselves to unforgettable, outdoor wedding themes.

If you know you want to be married during the summer, but are still finding it difficult to choose the perfect wedding theme, you should know that help is readily available. You can find ideas not only through quick Internet searches but also in bridal magazines and in wedding guides.

Finding the perfect dress to go along with your summer wedding will not be a tedious chore. You and your bridal party will have a wonderful time browsing through a gigantic collection of gowns. The majority of wedding dressmakers create their gowns to specifically be worn during the warm months so you will have the largest selection of dresses at this time of year.

Worries about finding the perfect flowers will be nonexistent as well. Summer is the time of year when all of your favorite flowers are readily available. Finding roses, daisies, carnations, tiger lilies, sunflowers, pansies, and bachelor buttons will be as easy as contacting your local florist.

Summer is the ideal time to be outside so wedding themes which take advantage of the outdoors are perfect for this sunny season. As such, tropical, beach, and garden wedding themes are incredibly popular during the summer.

Whatever your choice of wedding themes, make sure you plan ahead for the event. Many wedding venues book their summer schedules a year in advance; therefore, it is imperative you take the time to plan ahead to ensure that you do have your fairytale wedding.

How To Choose The Music

The music for your wedding should match your overall theme. It’s always important not to alienate your guests by playing music that is too out of the mainstream. If you’re going to play hip hop music to get the crowd to dance, make sure the lyrics are cleaned up. Choose your songs wisely or at least play the censored versions. Ideally, songs at a wedding should have a romantic feel to them. They should be a collection of the bride and grooms favorite tunes as well as songs that speak about your relationship. As for the special “first song” dance, make it a slow romantic song. If you need suggestions, search google for wedding songs and you’ll get some great recommendations.

What Type Of Wedding Jewelry To Use

Once of the design for the wedding dress has been decided, you can begin thinking about wedding jewelry. Wearing the right matching set of jewelry can help accentuate your look on your big day. As far as wedding jewelry is concerned, it can be subtle or it can be loud. It can be the main part of your appearance or just used to accessorize. This depends on your budget and your taste.

The jewelry for the bride to be should match the dress as best as possible. If you have an elaborate ornate dress, then you shouldn’t have extravagant jewelry since it may be too much. If you have a wedding dress with a V shaped neckline, then a necklace is recommended. Often times brides opt for pearls. This is because pearls look good with a white wedding gown. Plus pearls help add sophistication to the bride.

As for earrings, an important factor here is the brides’ hairstyle. If you’re wearing your hair up and showing your ears, then a nice pair of chandelier styled earrings with a sparkle work well. If you’re leaving your hair down, simple small earrings will be just fine.

Fall Weddings

If you are thinking about having your wedding in the months of August, September or October, you may be a fan of the Fall season. It’s the perfect time to wed because during the fall, it’s not too hot and not too warm. As for the colors you should be using for your Fall wedding, think pumpkin orange. This color is popular, as it resembles the color of Fall leaves, Halloween pumpkins and Thanksgiving time. Other colors to think of are cinnamon, dark purple, hunter green, chocolate brown, rust and gold.

Summer Wedding Theme

Summer weddings occur during the months of May, June and July. For weddings this time of year, the themes include gardens, beaches, countrysides and parks. Summer weddings can be outside to take advantage of the great weather. Colors associated with a summer wedding include the bright colors of orange, green, hot pink and fuchsia. You can contrast these colors with black or gray. If you’re considering having a summer wedding, consider the possible negative consequences of having it outside. Take into account that it may be a windy day or any nearby noises that could become a problem.

Spring Weddings

Wedding dates that are scheduled for March and April are perfect for a spring wedding theme. These types of weddings should be full of all the spring colors and lots and lots of flowers. Spring flowers include daffodils, tulips, daisies and lilies. Spring colors include some bright colors like yellow, red mixed with the lighter colors of light blue, light green and peach. Couples who have had their ideal wedding in the Spring have chosen a butterfly theme to enjoy their wedding day in the sunny springtime season.

A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings occur in the months of December, January or February. These winter months are associated with the vibrant winter colors of white, silver, blue or anything shiny and metallic. Think crystals and diamonds throughout. Depending on the exact date of the wedding, you can further select a wedding theme. For a December wedding, the theme of Christmas comes to mind, with wedding bells, red and white colors and snow. For a January wedding, the overall overall celebratory feeling of the New Years comes to mind where you not only ring in the new year but a new life together. For February, I’m thinking of lots of red and hearts for Valentine’s Day.