Dealing With Planning Related Stress

Weddings are a really big deal. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that brings together two people… [more]

Dealing With Planning Related Stress Dealing With Planning Related Stress

Wedding Tips For The Groom

So—you’ve decided to get married, and you and your sweetheart are now up to your necks in preparations.… [more]

Wedding Tips For The Groom Wedding Tips For The Groom

Hiring A Wedding Planner

Do you think that planning a wedding is too much work for you? Perhaps you should hire a wedding planner… [more]

Hiring A Wedding Planner Hiring A Wedding Planner

Essential Wedding Planning Tips

When planning your own wedding, you need to start with a basic plan. Start with a basic framework where… [more]

Essential Wedding Planning Tips Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Paying For A Wedding Without Going Into Debt

Your wedding is the start of your married life and a day you will remember for the rest of your life.… [more]

Paying For A Wedding Without Going Into Debt Paying For A Wedding Without Going Into Debt

Where To Get Ideas For Wedding Decorations


There are some people who choose not to use the services of a wedding planner. These are individuals who for one reason or another have decided they will plan their own ceremonies and produce their own wedding decorations. Organizing the ceremony itself is a relatively easy task. You bring the bride and groom together with a person who is authorized to perform weddings, and the task is done. Now comes the part that brings many […]

Using Wedding Themes to Express Personality


Rarely is there a simple “I do” anymore. Couples, more often than not, make use of wedding themes to enhance their ceremonies and to express their personalities and interests. If you are considering incorporating a theme into your wedding, you definitely have a great deal to ponder because your choices are many. You have the option of using a tried and true wedding theme like a fairytale wedding or you can come up with an […]

Decoration Ideas For Outdoor Weddings


Now that you have made the decision to have your wedding outside, it is time to start thinking about your wedding decorations. Of course, you should be congratulated right away for this wise choice because nature has already provided you with a great deal of décor. Having a wedding inside in a banquet means you don’t have to worry about the weather, whether it be wind, rain or blistering heat. But as far as decorations […]

Backyard Wedding Themes


If you are thinking of getting married during the spring or summer, you cannot ignore the wedding themes that will get you outdoors and enjoying the beauty and delights presented by the sun. There are numerous themes that take advantage of these warms months to create a fun but romantic atmosphere for an outside wedding. A few of these wedding themes are perfect for those of you who want beautiful weddings at affordable prices. Several […]

Wedding Dresses With Colors


The days when women only wore white wedding dresses are long gone. Today, the bridal gown trend is to wear any dress you adore, despite its color. As such, designers of wedding dresses are no longer hesitant to experiment with shades on their sketch pads. These days, the hues of bridal gowns tend to cover every spectrum in the rainbow. Colored wedding dresses are definitely more noticeable than the traditional, white dresses so you want […]

Affordable Wedding Decorations


Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life; you should not have to worry about little things like the price of wedding decorations. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, even when it comes to planning your big day, you still may find yourself pinching pennies. Fortunately, you will not have to worry about spending a great deal on wedding decorations because there are several ways in which you can create […]